Parsian Holding company

respond to all your requirement

هلدینگ پارسیان
هلدینگ پارسیان

Parsian Holding company

respond to all your requirement

Introduction of Parsian Holding company
Introduction of Departments, Description of Services, Duties, Performances and Report of quarterly performance
Introduction of Parsian Holding company
Introduction of Departments, Description of Services, Duties, Performances and Report of quarterly performance
Introduction of Parsian Holding

Parsian Holding is progressive in IT industry and presents solutions in order to empowerment persons. Also this company try to access to government’s great aims (electronic government, intelligence city, and electronic citizenship) and making intelligence of institutions in best using of new technology in the world today.

Parsian Holding with further more two decade brilliant record in technology field and Information Technology and possession best facilities and the most efficientstaff, is the pioneers in this area.

In the year of production leap, Parsian Holding made principles such as customer orientation, making trust, satisfaction , up to dating, to it’s symbols in the base of Jihad Slogan.

Jihad means:

J: maximum satisfaction

H: effort for zero error

A: information security and stability

D: achieve 70% market share

We have passed from our customer’s satisfaction

We are thinking about our customer’s happiness. 


FCP Licensed number 100-94-24Broadband Internet 3*SMT1

-Advising and setting up wireless internet with bandwidth dedicate and symmetricaland presentation of bandwidth consumption chart to further control consumption

– design installation and setting up WAN, LAN networks in accordance with the principles of global standards and based on the latest technology

– Providing suitable hosting and service with high security and 24-hour support

– Design and implementation of network management and monitoring projects

– Comprehensive solutions for backing up and storing information

– Consulting and providing solutions based on CISCO, Mikrotik

– Network audit and documentation   Provide wireless bandwidth ADSLDedicated and shared


Provide wireless bandwidth ADSLDedicated and shared

Department of Virtual Education

Create more than 10,000 classes and more than 20,000 students simultaneously

Provide a platform Online training (Adobe Connect/ Big Blue Button)

Distance Learning Service Iran

Provide a webinar platform

Net Emergency Department

Perform hardware, software and network services At your place with your presence

  • Setting up an office network, Internet cafe and Game net
  • Install original and enterprise Antivirus
  • Install Windows and Applications
  • Troubleshooting computer systems
  • Types of hardware repairs
  • Repair of all kinds of UPS and Antenna
  • Charge the printer cartridge 

All services without the need to visit in person and at your place


Advantages of using the service Emergency Net

-Performing all services and troubleshooting by an experienced and capable team at various levels responsiveness
-Commitment and support of services provided by the company
-Save your time and eliminate unnecessary trips
-High speed and quality service with competitive market prices
-Security and protection of information and maintaining confidentiality
-Send an emergency courier to the place with just one call
-Repair and troubleshoot the system in your presence


Design a variety of websites and applications with the latest methods of the day Management, maintain and redesign the site and application

Real estate website
file sales website and training courses
Website similar to Divar va Shipoor
website similar to Digi Kala
Design and implementation of social networking apps and websites
Portals and online stores at the lowest cost
Music and video sharing website
Schools website and online education
Commercial and advertising applications

Be a leader in the world of technology


Some Software Department Services

-Real estate website
-file sales website and training courses
-Website similar to Divar va Shipoor
-website similar to Digi Kala
-Design and implementation of social networking apps and websites
-Portals and online stores at the lowest cost
-Music and video sharing website
-Schools website and online education
-Commercial and advertising applications


Be a leader in the world of technology


Hosting and Server Departments 

Experience security and speed at the same time

  • dedicated server
  • virtualserver
  • Shared server 
  •  Web hosting
  • Stable servers
  • High speed 
  • Powerful panel control
  • Easy to use panel


Some Server and Hosting features

-Setting up update servers with the possibility of renting virtual servers and physical servers
-Technical and security support by an experienced team 24 hours a day
-Unlimited bandwidth and the possibility of providing a dedicated IP
-Data storage system and data backup
-Launch Windows and Linux services
-Equipped with SSD hard drive and unlimited bandwidth
-15percent special discounts for two-year purchases
-30 percent special discounts for three-year purchases

The best always demand the best quality

Existing problems such as global sanctions and the infamous Corona virus have made Iran’s economy fragile and weak.

Parsian Holding Group in order to improve the situation and prepare for the post-Corona and post-Barjam days has designed and planned a trading platform.

The purpose of this platform is the growth and development of businesses and scientific support and advice for local companies.

The services that will be provided on this platform are:Organizing regular national and international business tours to get the latest achievements and communication opportunities B2B, Consulting and Marketing, Market study target, Advertising, Packaging, Introducing, Human Resources, Management, Social Media, content Production, Branding, Financial Resources, Exports, Imports, Training and Investment baskets and Freelance topics.

Communication and changing geographical boundaries from local to global borders are essential for the survival of companies and businesses. In this case, Parsian Group by registering and activating companies in the target countries is responsible for facilitating communication and doing business and administrative affairs of companies.

Regular information of business tours and providing suitable conditions for the presence of activists in the global arena is one of the main concerns of Parsian Business Unit.Hoping for a better tomorrow and global justice for all the world without restrictions.

Installment sale of computer and network equipment
Providing all Parsian Holding Services in Installments

Leasing Technology Services and all items

Network Setup and Support in installments

Device Sales Miner to Installment form

Some services of Installment Sales Unit

-Sales of network equipment (server, router, switch, modem, antenna, cable, CCTV)
-Network setup and support (full implementation of all wireless and wired networks)
-Selling laptops, tablets, mobile phones, computers, printers, snookers, copiers, etc.
-Website design and application production, site support and updating
-Creating virtual training servers and producing educational content
-Sale of digital currency extraction machines and

Buy safely, Refund only 4%

-Attract, employment, breeding and retaining manpower as the most valuable asset of holding and training staff to improve the quality of their performances.
-Consulting, monitoring and providing IT services for provincial offices and organizations
-Use of the best type of services and development of coverage in the region
-Supply of computer parts, hardware and accessories for offices and organizations
-Supply of equipment related to wireless and cable networks in the province
-Utilizing world-class technology and benefiting from the experiences of professionals
-Use of experienced experts and skilled and innovative internal specialists
-Use the best software and hardware Equipment
– Providing manpower for the departments and organizations of the province
-Maintenance of telecommunication and electronic affairs in the province


Parsian Holding’s targets:

-Creating 1000 jobs for 1000 people by creating an IT factory

Sustainable development of network-based platforms, computers and artificial intelligence

Improving the space for access to information technology infrastructure for citizens

Phon Number: +982537138

Address: Unit 615, 6th Floor,Engineering Complex,Civil ,Moallem St,Qom